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Network Wide Ad Run

GLR Sales hosts a number of forums and this ad spot will be displayed across the entire network of forums.

Below are the available Ad Spots on this site and the minimum CPC.

This ad spot will be in the left column across our entire network of forums. Not bitcoin specific, but good to reach socially engaged people and businesses.
Ad Spot: 6
Ad size: 300x200
Min CPC: $0.01
DateImpressionsClicks CTR%
Last 7 Days7100.00%
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Ads currently active on this Ad Spot:
Destination URLCPCImpressionsControl
* URL Tracking: You can add a paramater to be added onto the base url for your ad. For example, ?ref=123. Clicks from ads in this Ad Spot (Ad Spot Id: ) will automatically be directed to http://baseurl?ref=123. This is optional.

CPC: The CPC is how much the advertiser will pay per click (only one click per hour is counted per IP/Ad).

Impressions: The traffic percent is the approximate portion of impressions that ad will receive. The impression percentage is updated regularly based on the earning performance of the ad. A lower CPC ad with a higher CTR may receive more impressions than a poorly performing ad with a high CPC. Relevance is often the key.

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Network Wide Ad Run on Bit Squib Advertising Network
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